Shires Bike Routes

Mount Anthony Loop
Route Terrain: Very Hilly
Vehicular Traffic: Light to Moderate
Suggested Start/Finish Location: Old Bennington

Route Directions:
From the Bennington Battle Monument, head west on Wallomsac Rd to Gypsy Ln. (2/3 mi). Turn left and continue on Gypsy Ln. and continue to Vt. Rt. Route 9. (1/4 mi). Turn right and continue on busy Vt. Route 9 until Mt. Anthony Rd. (gravel). (1/3 mi). Turn left on Mt. Anthony Rd. (gravel). After a hard climb and a rapid descent, turn left at the first intersection, which is still Mt. Anthony Road. (3 2/3 mi). Continue on Mt. Anthony Rd. until you reach North Pownal Road (paved). (2 1/4 mi). Continue on North Pownal Rd. until you reach Carpenter Hill Rd. (gravel). (2/3 mi). Turn left and continue on Carpenter Hill Road until reaching Monument Ave. (NOT Rt. 7). Make a left on Monument Ave. (NOT Rt. 7) and proceed back to the Monument. (2 2/3 mi).

This route includes winding gravel roads through dense forests, great mountain views and rolling farmland. Visit historic Old Bennington, the Bennington Museum, or the Arts Center before or after your ride.

Manchester-Arlington Tour
Route Terrain: Hilly
Vehicular Traffic: Light to Moderate
Suggested Start/Finish Location: Adams Park (next to the Manchester Chamber of Commerce)

Route Directions:
From Adams Park on Route 7A just north of ManchesterÕs Downtown, head down Center Hill, through the traffic signals at Route 11/30, and onto Richville Road. Continue south on Richville Road to River Road where a left turn continues you on your way downstream into Sunderland. At the Sunderland town highway garage, stay left and climb and then descend Sunderland Hill Road through the Chiselville Covered Bridge into East Arlington. Turn left at the Chippenhook Store onto Old Mill Road. After passing through East Arlington Village and climbing a short hill turn right onto South Road. At Route 313 turn right and continue over a rise to Warm Brook Road. Turn right and proceed a short distance to Ice Pond Road. Follow Ice Pond Road back into East Arlington Village, turn left onto Old Mill Road, and then right back onto Maple Street (Sunderland Hill Road). Retrace your route back through the Chiselville Covered Bridge along Sunderland Hill Road all the way to Richville Road, but now continue straight on River Road. After a short climb River Road intersects Route 7A in Manchester Village. At the Mark Skinner Library veer left onto West Road and proceed north to Ways Lane and follow it back down to Route 7A in Manchester Center. Turn left and continue back to Adams Park.