John’s Car Corner: A VW Owner’s Paradise

By Bette Reynolds

John Hamill, owner of John’s Car Corner stands next to a newer model VW Bus.

John’s Car Corner truly is the home of “The People’s Car,” as the car is still affectionately called. While it is fortunate that the originator of the phrase back in the 1930s (Germany’s then dictator Adolf Hitler) is no longer with us, we are equally fortunate that the Volkswagen is, and perhaps is even more popular than ever.

VW bugs first began to appear in our country in the early 1960s. Popularity grew slowly at first, as American drivers were still in love with muscle cars such as the GTO and the Mustang. Volkswagens were very gas efficient, but gas wars had driven the price of gasoline down to 30 cents a gallon and less, and nobody at that time was worried about the supply.

Things began to change toward the end of the 1960s. The Federal government invested billions into the new Interstate Highway System, making driving everywhere and anywhere easier than ever before. More and more people drove cars, and with the oil embargo in the 1970s, gas costs rose. Suddenly the inexpensive, economical VW was becoming very popular!

All of this brings us to John’s Car Corner. John Hamill began to repair and service VW’s in the mid 1960s. John expanded and opened a used VW dealership in 1974, buying and selling a car he truly loved. John moved to his current location on Route 5 in Westminster in 1984. John has opinions on all Volkswagens, but will tell you “the heart and soul of the whole Volkswagen scene is the Type II, which is the Transporter, camper, van combination.”

John easily has the largest new and used VW parts and accessories inventory in the Tri-State area. Even better, John is always ready to help with information and advice for your specific VW needs. You can stop in and visit over a cup of coffee, always freshly brewed. John remarks that all models and years are covered, and he has an extensive VW library. Inside, the walls, shelves, and cases are filled with memorabilia on display. One print on the wall at John’s Car Corner depicts a tour of Germany’s Wolfburg VW Motorworks in the mid 1930’s. This is the factory that produced the tough, fuel economical basic “bug”, and the convertible model.

Available at John’s is everything Volkswagen; from key chains to floor mats – anything you might need to personally outfit your own VW.

The VW has done a lot of growing up since the Flower Power 1960’s and “Herbie the Love Bug.” Today’s VW’s are a classic made modern while staying true to it’s original roots as “The People’s Car.”

Are you a VW fan? Or are you simply a fan of the automobile in general? You will find yourself in good company at John’s Car Corner.

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