ITV Fest: The Independent Television Festival

Looking for something new to watch? Then maybe it’s time to see what the dedicated and passionate independent creators of serialized audio-visual story telling are working on now. When creators want their work to be seen by executives, agents and producers it can be limiting to be at a convention in a big city, or one of the crowd submitting work for consideration to their desks. But in Manchester, the small town Vermont atmosphere brings creators and executives closer together.

ITVFest (the Independent Television Festival) is a worldwide community of television creators, executives, agents and fans responsible for discovering the best new television programs created on independent (aka, non-network) budgets. Throughout the year from New York to Los Angeles and places in between, our global network of creatives, executives and fans gather for seminars, screenings and retreats. It all culminates at the week-long festival in Manchester in October.

The festival is October 11-15th. It is the culmination of other events across the nation, in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Providence, New York, and Boston. During the long weekend there will be showings of dozens of creative works, socializing events, and free concerts presented on the Town Green. Audience members can buy tickets for the whole event, or pick a day to explore what is on offer. And everyone is welcome.

Several trailers can be viewed online at

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