Grandma Moses: American Modern

What comes to mind when you think of Grandma Moses? Anna Mary Robertson Moses, known by her nickname Grandma Moses, was a renowned American folk artist. She lived most of her life in nearby New York, and was famous for her folk art paintings depicting rural life in the region. She’s also known for only starting to paint in earnest in her later years, around 75, during the 50’s. The New York Times said of her: “The simple realism, nostalgic atmosphere and luminous color with which Grandma Moses portrayed simple farm life and rural countryside won her a wide following. She was able to capture the excitement of winter’s first snow, Thanksgiving preparations and the new, young green of oncoming spring.”

With the exhibit Grandma Moses: American Modern the Bennington Museum has placed the charming rural works of Grandma Moses alongside other greats from the 50’s such as Helen Frankenthaler, Andy Warhol, and Joseph Cornell. This allows the viewer to see how each artist used their own unique styles to forge their identities in the Modern Art world. On top of the extensive permanent college at the Bennington Museum many other pieces have been loaned for the purposes of this exhibit, over 60 works are on display. The exhibit will be on view though November 5th.

Bennington, by Anna Mary Robertson Moses (Grandma Moses), 1945

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