Fall In Love With The Shires

Don’t be surprised if you look up and see people jumping out of planes this year. Green Mountain Skydiving has come to Bennington.

Officially open at the Morse State Airport in Bennington, VT, Green Mountain Skydiving offers Tandem Skydiving, (AFF) Instruction, and fun jumps for licensed skydivers from early April through November. From altitude we enjoy incredible views of Vermont, New York and Massachusetts including the Green Mountains, Taconics, and Adirondacks spreading to the horizons. It’s an incredibly beautiful place to skydive. Jumpers must be at least 18 years of age and be in relatively good health. Over the years we’ve jumped with individuals aged 18 to 89 from every walk of life and background. In the air we’re all the same: big smiles, lots of screaming and of course an unspoken common guilt of, “what the heck is wrong with me” to want to jump out of a plane.

Following a picturesque twenty minute plane ride, participants jump from nearly two miles above the ground. First timers jump securely attached to an experienced instructor who stays with them every step of the way. You basically jump, free-fall for 40- 50 seconds, open the parachute and fly gently under canopy for 5-7 minutes before landing in a 400,000 square foot grass field next to the runway.

Green Mountain Skydiving specializes in first time and infrequent skydivers allowing us to cater to the individual needs and desires of each and every guest. Some visitors are looking to merely check skydiving off their bucket list and prefer a nice steady jump. Others, however, are looking for the wildest adventure possible and prefer flips out of the plane and spins under canopy. For the most part, whatever you want, we can make happen, although, you cannot jump naked through a lightning storm strapped to someone wearing a wing-suit carrying your iPhone so you can get it all on film. Sounds like a great video but there are limits to what we can do!

What we can do is take you out of a plane at 120 mph, and after the parachute opens, give you the toggles and let you fly until 1,000’ above the ground. After that, your instructor takes over to land the parachute safely. The euphoria lasts a few hours, the grin, a couple days, and the sense of achievement and bragging rights, a lifetime.

Skydiving has come a long way from the first sketches by da Vinci as far back as 1495 and further still from the military rounds of a mere 25 years ago. Today, jumpers use steerable canopies that allow them to fly and land safely in a spot of their choosing. Modern equipment includes not only main and backup parachutes, but, an automatic activation device that electronically deploys the reserve parachute in the event of an emergency.

We have a blast every day, but safety is always our number one priority. Green Mountain Skydiving uses only the latest in technology and techniques, the best gear available and only highly experienced instructors. The owner/operator of GMS has done more than 4,800 skydives, safely introducing thousands of individuals to the adventure of skydiving. Even after thousands of jumps, I’m still a little nervous every time I get to the door of the plane. Frankly, that’s what makes it fun, but more than that it keeps us safe.

We are open for appointments Wednesday through Monday, April through early November. Come out to make a skydive, watch, or just say hello: we love meeting people and sharing our joy of skydiving with anyone who will listen. Once you have jumped out of a plane the world is never the same. You realize you can conquer any fear and there’s a little Hollywood action hero in all of us. Find us at GreenMountainSkydiving.com, on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google +, or any other social media under Green Mountain Skydiving.

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